Dear Kyle,
My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, your Dad and the team at Ware Built Timber frames for a job well done.
When we were looking for a timber frame barn and wanted to use the trees off our property for the frame you stepped up and built exactly what we wanted. Your craftsmanship is simply some of the best we have seen. Right down to the double apple tree that grafted together that you used as the main beam in center of the barn. It is a conversation piece anytime someone walks in the barn. Thanks for the beauty of the woods that you brought into our barn.
The minute we walked into our north woods cabin we fell in love. From the day we contracted the job we were truly amazed that you could cut the barn 300 miles away, deliver it and put it together without a hitch. You helped us realize our dream of owning a post and beam cabin in the woods. It takes us six hours to get to it but once we walk in the door the serenity we feel is overwhelming. All the stresses of life seem to fade away. Thank you for a job well done.

Roy & Cindy St. George