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Showcase your home's natural beauty

Let us enhance your living space!

At Ware Built Timber Frames, we know that custom built timber frame homes have a rich history – there are some in Europe that are 2000 years old! We want you to have a quality, efficient and lasting structure to enjoyed for generations.

We’ve partnered with cliente to create everything from:

  • Inviting living rooms
  • Cozy lofts
  • Cathedral ceilings
  • Spacious kitchens (to fill with family and friends)
  • Timber window studs and sills
  • Stair cases & railings


Cathedral Ceilings

Decks & Exterior Exposed Beams

Featured Project

Cape Style House

Crafting this 2-story Cape Style house with 4 dog house dormers and cathedral living room was a true testament to our dedication to craftsmanship and client satisfaction. Designed and built to meet the unique tastes and needs of our clients, this project showcases the timeless elegance of timber framing.

Utilizing Douglas Fir as the primary wood species, we ensured that every aspect of the house exuded strength, beauty, and durability. From the soaring beams that define the cathedral living room to the charming dormers that grace the roofline, Douglas Fir brought a sense of warmth and character to every corner of the home.

Despite the challenges of sourcing materials not native to the East Coast, our team spared no effort in acquiring the finest Douglas Fir from the West Coast, ensuring that the house met our exacting standards of quality and craftsmanship.

With the completion of this project, we have not only constructed a stunning home but also created a lasting legacy that reflects our commitment to excellence and our clients’ vision.

To what extent can my timber frame home be customized?

Our process keeps you looped in, every step of the way.

We start the process with a conference, in person, or on the phone, in order to understand the style and requirements that you are looking for in your timber frame house. From there, we generate CAD and 3-D drawings for your review. At that point, we continue on the design until we have a complete set of working drawings for your project.

We have built relationships with engineers that know the craft of timber framing like we do. They work with us to keep the timber frame process moving hastily.

From there, we order wood then custom cut the timber required for your project. The frame is designed based upon the client’s vision and the species of wood.