Custom Built Homes


Custom Built Timber Frame Homes

At Ware Built Timber Frames, we know that custom built timber frame homes have a rich history, there are some in Europe that are 2000 years old. We want you to have a quality, efficient and lasting structure to enjoyed for generations.

We care about your interior and exterior aesthetic value of your timber built home just as much as you do.

  • Inviting living rooms
  • Cozy lofts
  • Cathedral ceilings
  • Spacious Kitchens (to fill with family and friends)
  • Timber window studs and sills
  • Stair cases & railings

We understand your ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ in your custom built timber frame home!

We start the process with a conference, in person, or on the phone,  in order to understand the style and requirements that you are looking for in your timber frame house. From there, we generate CAD, computer aided draft and designing, and 3-D drawings for your review. At that point, we continue on the design until we have a complete set of working drawings for your project.

We have built relationships with engineers that know the craft of timber framing like we do. They work with us to keep the timber frame process moving hastily.

From there, we order wood then custom cut the timber required for your project. The frame is designed based upon the client’s vision and the species of wood.

To what extent can my timber frame home be customized?

Working with your style of house we design a frame based on your preference. Common species of wood include but are not limited to:

  • Douglas fir
  • Red oak
  • Hemlock
  • Eastern white pine

When constructing a traditional timber frame, or customizing one, we work with you to choose your type of details.

Choosing your details

When working with Ware Built Timber Frames we’ll review with you the types of details you can choose like:

  • timber trusses
  • customized pendants
  • hand chamfer beams and panel
  • enclosure systems
  • A unique option that you choose in your frame is knee braces: single curved, double curved and traditional straight brace

Need Additional Timber Frame Structures?

Let us talk to you about your timber frame custom built barn or outdoor structure? We can help! Here’s more information about our timber frame process.