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Expand your life style and living space with a handcrafted Timber Frame Pavilion, Gazebo or Pergola. We fit the design to your needs. Whether you need a Pavilion to hold 200 people or a Gazebo for two, let us show you choices that work within your time frame and most importantly – within your budget.

Featured Project

Tree House Brewery Pavilion

Crafting the custom pavilion for Tree House Brewing was a labor of love and craftsmanship. Utilizing Douglas Fir, we created a structure that would not only enhance the brewery’s outdoor space but also embody the timeless beauty of timber framing.

Douglas Fir was the natural choice for this project, renowned for its unparalleled size and length. From the towering beams to the intricate details of the lights and walkway, every element of the pavilion was meticulously crafted from Douglas Fir, showcasing its rustic charm and enduring quality.

While Douglas Fir is not native to the East Coast, our team spared no effort in sourcing the finest materials, shipping them from the West Coast to ensure the pavilion met our exacting standards.

With the custom pavilion for Tree House Brewing, we have not only created a functional outdoor space but also a work of art that celebrates craftsmanship, innovation, and the natural beauty of the timber.

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